5 Useful, safety tips for mechanics to know

safety tips for mechanics

Mechanical work is work with many machines, heavy equipment, and grease, caustic chemicals. Therefore, the mechanic faces many dangers and injuries when doing.

The mechanical workplace should have a staff training program to ensure safety when working such as avoiding electric shock, tripping, falling, chemical burns, … and other types of accidents.

The implementation of the training program may cost some money, but it can prevent safety. Moreover, it can save millions of dollars in costs for employers when unfortunate accidents occur, compensation and legal fees.

Here are tips to improve the safety of mechanics at work

1. Mechanical work boots

As a mechanic, sometimes you have to step on wires, which is really dangerous. Therefore, a boot with resistance to electricity is extremely necessary, and it must be ASTM certified.

A mechanic is in constant contact with machines, heavy objects, and the risk of falling to his feet and getting injured is very high. Therefore, good boot needs to meet ASTM safety standards.

You should also choose mechanical work boots with soles because they often have to stand working long hours, this will help the foot to be comfortable and not hurt in the heel.

2. Gloves

In addition to being constantly exposed to hand-eating chemicals, mechanics are also exposed to hot machines and sharp equipment. So wearing protective gloves when working will help avoid hand burns and other types of injury.

3. Eye protection

Mechanical workers often use welding equipment, grinding, debris very easily shot into the eye causing injury. Wearing eye protection is therefore essential and important. In addition, protective glasses also help you avoid chemicals being shot in the eyes.

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4. Poisoning

Paints and chemicals can be toxic if you have to be exposed for a long time. Therefore, when eating and resting, you should avoid the work area. All chemicals when completed should be carefully wrapped and stored in the right place, ensuring safety for employees.

5. Lifting properly

Mechanical workers must regularly lift, carry heavy equipment, so it is easy to cause back injuries. Using lifting techniques properly will prevent accidents from occurring.

Some safety measures for another mechanic

When done, need to collect, arrange furniture, equipment in place, avoid clutter.

Before working, check the work area for hazards, control it well.

Workplaces should have windows and adequate lighting. This will help the mechanic feel less stressed, moreover, if the device falls to the floor, it is also easy to find.

Above are tips to make mechanics work more safely. We hope it will be helpful for you.

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